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Computing essentials 2015 : Making it work for you

The 20th century brought us the dawn of the digital information age and unprecedented changes in information technology. In fact, the rate of change is clearly increasing. As we begin the 21st century, computer literacy is undoubtedly becoming a prerequi¬site in whatever career you choose.
The goal of Computing Essentials is to provide you with the basis for understanding the concepts necessary for success. Computing Essentials also endeavors to instill an appreciation for the effect of information technology on people, privacy, ethics, and our environ¬ment and to give you a basis for building the necessary skill set to succeed in the 21st century.
Times are changing, technology is changing, and this text is chang¬ing too. As students of today, you are different from those of yes¬terday. You put much effort toward the things that interest you and the things that are relevant to you. Your efforts directed at learning application programs and exploring the web seem, at times, limit¬less. On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to engage in other equally important topics such as personal privacy and technological advances.
At the beginning of each chapter, we carefully layout why and how the chapter's content is relevant to your life today and critical to your future. Within each chapter, we present practical tips related to key concepts through the demonstration of interesting applications that are relevant to your lives. Topics presented focus first on outputs rather than processes. Then, we discuss the concepts and processes.
Motivation and relevance are the keys. This text has several features specifically designed to engage and demonstrate the relevance of technology in your lives. These elements are combined with a thor¬ough coverage of the concepts and sound pedagogical devices


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