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Design of concrete structures

The fourteenth edition of the classic text, Design of Concrete Structures, is completely revised using the newly released 2008 American Concrete Institute (ACI) Code. This new edition has the same dual objectives as the previous editions:
1. To establish a firm understanding of the behavior of structural concrete
2. To develop proficiency in the methods used in current design practice
Design of Concrete Structures covers the behavior and design aspects of concrete and provides updated examples and homework problems. New material on slender columns, seismic design, anchorage using headed deformed bars, and reinforcing slabs for shear using headed studs has been added. The notation has been thoroughly updated to match changes in the ACI Code.
The text also presents the basic mechanics of structural concrete and methods for the design of individual members for bending, shear, torsion, and axial force, and provides detail on the various types of structural systems applications, including an extensive presentation of slabs, footings, foundations, and retaining walls.
1. Coverage updated to match ACI 318-08.
2. Expanded presentation and enhanced example problems in Chapter 3
on Flexural Analysis and Design.
3. New homework problem sets.
4. Updated modified compression theory method of shear design from the
AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications and modified shear friction design
procedures from the ACI Code added to Chapter 4.
5. Expanded coverage on bond and development of reinforcement using headed
deformed bars in Chapter 5.

6. Slender column design requirements revised and updated in Chapter 9.
7. Guidance on preliminary design and guidelines for proportioning members in Chapter 12.
8. Updated design procedures for prestressed concrete in Chapter 19.
9. Expanded description of loading criteria and description of new design requirements
for seismic design in Chapter 20.
10. Text features applications that reflect the authors' practical experience.


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