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Teacher, schools, and society : a brief introduction to education

If you think that Teachers, Schools, and Society: A Brief Introduction to Education was written to intro¬duce you to. the world of teaching, you are only half right. This book also reflects our excitement about a life in the classroom and is intended to spark your own fascination about working with children. The basic premise for this text was to write a book students want to read, not have to read. While we work hard to provide you with information that is both current and concise, we work even harder to create an engaging book—one that will give you a sense of the wonderful possibilities found in a career in the classroom.
To help you determine if teaching is right for you, and to learn more about education in general, you will find Reflection Questions throughout the text. These questions will put you right into the center of the issues, a personal connection that encourages your thoughtful deliberation. While the text has been designed to engage you, we also devised an absorbing electronic option, the Web site resources. The text's

Web resources are accessible through www.mhhe .com/sadkerbrief2e. Throughout the text you will see links to the activities and study resources found on the Online Learning Center. Each link includes a brief explanation of what you will find online.
To help you discover and use all of these inter¬active opportunities, we have created a key of icons. Look for the following as you read this book:


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