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Fluid mechanics in SI units

This book has been written and revised several times over a period of nine years, in order to further improve its contents and account for the many suggestions and comments from my students, university colleagues, and reviewers. It is hoped that this effort will provide those who use this \ with a clear and thorough presentation of both the theory and application of fluid mechanics. To achieve this objective, I have incorporated mar the pedagogic features that I have used in my other books.These induce the following:
Organization and Approach. Each chapter is organized into well-defined sections that contain an explanation of specific topic-, illustrative example problems, and at the end of the chapter, a s^ relevant homework problems. The topics within each section are placed into subgroups defined by boldface titles. The purpose of this organization is to present a structured method for introducing each new definition or concept, and to make the book a convenient resource for later reference and review.
Procedures for Analysis. This unique feature provides the stu with a logical and orderly method to follow when applying the theory that has been discussed in a particular section. The example problems are then solved using this outlined method in order to clarify its numc application. Realize, however, that once the relevant principles have ! mastered, and enough confidence and judgment has been obtained, the student can then develop his or her own procedures for solving problems.
Important Points. This feature provides a review or summan of the most important concepts in a section, and highlights the most significant points that should be remembered when applying the theory to solve problems. A further review of the material is given at the end oi the chapter.
Photos. The relevance of knowing the subject matter is reflected b> the realistic applications depicted in the many photos placed throughoul the book. These photos are often used to show how the principles of fluid mechanics apply to real-world situations.
Fundamental Problems. These problem sets are selectively located just after the example problems. They offer students simple application-of the concepts and therefore provide them with the chance to develop their problem-solving skills before attempting to solve any of the standard problems that follow. Students may consider these problems as extended examples, since they all have complete solutions and answers given in the back of the book. Additionally, the fundamental problems offer stu.. an excellent means of preparing for exams, and they can be used at a latei time to prepare for the Fundamentals in Engineering Exam.


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