Image of Invicible influence : the power to persuade anyone, anytime, anywhere


Invicible influence : the power to persuade anyone, anytime, anywhere

There are many moments in life when you have to ask someone a critical question that could determine your salary, whether you have a spouse, whether you get a job—your entire future. Do you know how to get the answer you want? Do you understand how much influence you actually have over your fate? The truth is, how that person is going to respond depends more on what's going on in your head than it does on what's going on in theirs. Your expectations, the words you choose, the environment in which you ask these questions—so many factors that you control—can determine whether you hear a "yes" or a "no."
Invisible Influence shows you a step-by-step process to quietly persuade others to choose you or your product. Based on new scientific discoveries that reveal fascinatingand unique approaches to influence, this book shows how people process their feelings about products, services, and people, and what mental shortcuts they use to make their choices. You'll learn how to incorporate 52 techniques for subliminally influencing others in order to sell, market, and communicate more effectively, including how to:
• Use questions early in a conversation to
give the person a sense of control and you
an opportunity to understand and deliverto
their expectations
• Know how much information to give to someone
• Determine what people lose if they don't do
business with you, and then leverage that


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